Hi there, I'n new to the forum and joined to access of the wisdom there is here!

I will be moving from AB to BC and will need to get a out of province inspection on my Tacoma (TRD off road) I have a couple questions.

1) The truck was brought in from BC just over 1 year ago. At that time I got an OOI in AB and it passed. I'm now going back - is there still a need for an inspection?

2) Apparently one can bring an inspection from AB to BC if it was done in the last 90 days. However, nothing specifies what kind of inspection; it just says a governement inspection. However, like BC, the AB government doesn't do inspection, private shops do, and they do a lot of different kinds. Do I just need an out-of-province inspection from AB and bring it to BC?

3) If I have to get the inspection in BC - I have slightly larger than stock tires on the truck. They were on when I brought it too AB and it passed. Since then, however, I've added 1.25 in wheel spacers for a bit more clearance in the inside. This makes the sidewalls of the tires extend beyond the fender flare. The tread (the part that makes contact with the road) is in line with the fender flare. If you look straight down over the fender flare you don't see any tread. The tires are the Good Year Duratrac, which have knobs on the side wall (see attached image). The sidewall knobs are distinct from what I'm calling the tread (part that contacts the road). However, you can see them (and the sidewall), when looking straight down the fenderflare. So with the side wall features extending beyond the fender flare would this pass?

4) If the sidewall knobs would cause a fail, does anyone know of a shop that would be willing to take the spacers off, do the inspection (pass), then put the spacers back on for me. I could do it, but its a pain and with moving cities, I don't need anything else to do!

I'll try and take some pictures of the tire and fender flare today.


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