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    Re: Cold Weather Tenting

    I know i'm several months late, But in the 40's and 50's my grampa was a scout master and all around outdoorsman. He often took the troop and my mom and uncle camping when it was still cold, He would let everyone find there own rock a fairly good sized one and then they would all warm them near the fire. When they were good and toasty not too hot he would wrap them in a towel and put them in the bottom of the kids sleeping bags the rocks stayed warm most of the night and you could put your feet on them during the night for added warmth. although i have never tried it, My mom has fond memories of camping this way when it was cold.
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    Re: Cold Weather Tenting

    Rock always sounds like a great idea.

    I Went with technology, my RTT is just about to be heated... here is my magic box half completed...
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    Cool Re: Cold Weather Tenting

    The weather that you are telling about is sometimes common depending upon your camping place. Whatever you go for camping, you prepare yourself for almost any type of weather, this advice I got from My Dad. For cold one, Bring a good quality of Marquee to prevent you from hard weather
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    Re: Cold Weather Tenting

    Cold weather tenting has been always a thrilling and dangerous thing for this you need to be an expert in tenting because it's the matter of life and death for you.
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    Re: Cold Weather Tenting

    Hi. It's very cool that you go camping with a child, children love this kind of thing. Take the road air conditioner with you. It's like a small air conditioner that can warm or cool. When I went camping with my son, I took this small road air conditioner and it is very convenient. The truth is my son when he was collecting wood for a fire with a big stick touched the air conditioner. Well, the air conditioner stopped working, and we decided to warm the stones on the fire and wrap them in a towel to avoid freezing at night. We put our homemade heater in a sleeping bag. Then when we arrived from the hike we took our air conditioner to socool, and they fixed it for us.
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