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    Re: Any other Xterras outther??

    Quote Originally Posted by Julionix View Post
    Woa woa woa, a Pro4X???
    Now you're talking.
    I've spent a large amount of time and money building my X.
    I did want an Offroad trim but didn't want to wait so I settled for the S trim.
    With the Off-road/Pro4X you get better gearing, Hill Descent and a rear other not so important but nice to have upgrades. You won't regret it!!
    The bumpers a fabricator in surrey built for me and the rest I've installed myself, otherwise it would have been super expensive for labour.

    PS: you ever gonna come out and wheel or what??
    Yeah, that's why I wanna try to get a Pro4x. With slightly larger tires I think it'll do most of the things I'll ask for it. I dont have the money or the knowhow to do the mods myself.

    I don't have a 4x4 right now, I got rid of my first gen X. I'll probably start looking for a newer 2nd gen over the summer/fall. Thanks!
    2000 Nissan XTerra 4WD Stock!

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    Re: Any other Xterras outther??

    Hey all, sold my jeep, bought a 2006 6spd xterra offroad edition..holds way more soccer balls than my cherokee did!
    Better to die quick fighting on your feet than to live forever begging on your knees.

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    Re: Any other Xterras outther??

    5 years of offroading with the Xterra now, and an extra 150,000km. What a beast


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