454 EFI not running properly?

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    454 EFI not running properly?

    I have a 1988 V30 with the L19 (vin N) 454 EFI and the problem is that it does not want to run correctly (ie idles too low, popping noises from tailpipe, runs rough, etc...) with the wire plugged into the map sensor (runs okay with it disconnected), so my question is does anyone have any idea(s) as to what could cause this?
    Edit: So far I've done a full tune up (spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap & rotor, air cleaner, crankcase filter, pcv, oxygen sensor, timing's set at 6 degrees), the fuel filter has been replaced along with the switch inside and the solenoid outside for the dual tanks, the map sensor has also been replaced as well.
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    the popping sound sounds like a misfire. If you have a manuel and a multimeter, both like $20 I would check the tps sensor, I would say that is it if you had said it had a spuratic or popping idle. The other thing you can do is pull the codes by using a paperclip to jump the two terminals on your obd1 the codes and how to do it would also be in a hanes manuel. good luck!
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