Chopping a Bronco2

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    Chopping a Bronco2

    Hey guys, I'm still new to the whole truck/4by world but quickly learning... I want to take my bronco 2 and chop off the back windows, basically making it into a convertable 4by for summer play and keep the top for winter.
    Does anyone know where i can find rules and restrictions on this sort of project?
    what problems might i encounter?
    Should I make a roll cage to replace the top, as in make it so the top can sit on the roll cage when put back on.. then when its off i have the safety cage.
    .... oooh so many things i want to do to this thing... lifts, tires, bush bumpers.... lights.. aiaiai,,, so little time and so little money
    I'd appreiciate suggestions for ideas considering the bronco is so top heavy and i dont have much expirience yet 4bying... advice and suggestions on to how to not kill myself would be great!
    to bad i wont see any 4by trails till late summer

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    this should give you most of the info u need

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    thiers lotsa choped b2's here

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    Originally posted by Broncoo
    thiers lotsa choped b2's here
    definitely a roll bar/cage once the roof is removed. and they are not particularly top heavy. have a soft snap on top made, it would be a whole lot less time and money than making the factory top bolt back on. If you have that kind of cash, use it to buy my 8.8 rear axle and D35 front end, you're gonna need em
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    mine'll be gettin a cage come next winter when i get my bender

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    Hey Thanx for all the info guys, that website helps TONS Thank you BRONCO_2!
    but what about the restrictions and legalities on the road.. cuz i dont want a VI on this thing... its gonna be a sink hole for money as it is and a VI will just ruin the good

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    Chopping the top completely cures that top-heavy feeling, and the handling improves dramatically! My chop top with 32's and 6" suspension lift would corner WAY better than my wife's stocker on 235/75s.

    The chopping is easy to do...keeping the interior dry after the chop is almost impossible...

    There are, AFAIK, no restrictions regarding the chop top. It has a full frame, so no unibody problems. I actually had an officer look at mine and he just thought it was cool (he really liked the step-bumper I added to the front, though!)

    At the absolute MINIMUM you want a rollbar (NOT a show bar!) after the chop. When you start cutting the rear support pillars you will understand...

    A Ranger tailgate requires very minimal work to fit where the hatch was.

    There are some pics of Broncenstein (before as well as after the chop) on my (old) web page, and if you are local, I'd be happy to lend a hand if you want...
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