Accounting/Taxation Services

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    Accounting/Taxation Services

    Need Accounting or Tax help?

    Willing to file your T1's (personal income tax returns) and can help those with business income. Can also assist on small corporate T2 filings. Help with setting up your books, gst, etc.

    Looking for..
    245/70/16 or 265/70/16 Tires (Revo's, Destination, LTX A/T, BFG A/T, Geolander a/t) or A SET OF 31'S if you have 15 inch rims to boot (6x 139 - large ISUZU CB)
    Air Compressor
    Framing Nail gun
    Finishing Nail gun
    Compound Mitre Saw
    Table Saw
    Socket Set (SAE & Metric)
    Car Audio
    8500 or larger winch
    PS3 or Xbox 360

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    Re: Accounting/Taxation Services

    I also need accounting help but Google searches do not give me results.

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    Re: Accounting/Taxation Services

    Accounting and taxes is one of the most difficult and important moments in the competent conduct of business. Of course, such issues should be dealt with by a real professional. If you need quick and professional help with papers, then pay attention to Osome Singapore company Only here you will be provided with qualified assistance.


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