Google Earth as a navigator?

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    Google Earth as a navigator?

    I have been primarily using google earth as my planner and navigator for wheeling trips. On the computer at home I use the full version of Google Earth but on the iphone the full version is unavailable which is far less useful. On the computer, if the area I am planning to go to is from a photo from winter time it is hard to see the roads, but I can check out older photos of that same area and see the roads quite clearly. On the iphone this option is not available which can make it a tad more difficult.

    Is there a better app people use for navigating then google earth? Or is a tablet a better possibility?

    Or are the atlas' still peoples' best bet???

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    Re: Google Earth as a navigator?

    Hello Chauncey,

    If you are going to use something to navigate through the back woods, I highly recommend getting a copy of the back roads maps.

    The books are very well made and great for planning a trip. They're about $20 a piece but well worth it. I have a copy for each region in BC, all depends where I end up. These are my off-road bibles and I don't leave the highway without them. They also have an app for your phone although in my experience, it doesn't work that great. Using a phone is ok, unless you find yourself in a dead zone where there is no signal. with the books, you'll never have to worry about that. Take a look at the books online and see if it's what your looking for.

    Safe journeys and please be careful out there.

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