1st Gen TRD Supercharger Noise Issue

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    Exclamation 1st Gen TRD Supercharger Noise Issue

    Hi all I think I have an issue with my 1st Gen TRD supercharger and I'm looking guidance on what to do.

    It started about a week ago when I noticed a loud "rattle" when starting the engine and letting it run idle. This noise continues to persist at low revs in drive when the supercharger is not boosting. When it is boosting though the rattle noise goes away but returns once I stop accelerating. I haven't also notice any difference in the performance of the supercharger since this noise has started.

    I've uploaded a video onto my google drive that should provide a better explanation of my rattle problem:

    I have a suspicion that the bearings need to be replaced and a "rebuild" might be in order but I'm just not sure, it could also be that the oil is low in the supercharger, does anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem?

    If the supercharger does require a rebuild/repair where can I get this done in the lower mainland? What I have been finding is that a lot of shops that I have called in to do not have any technicians who have worked on TRD superchargers before, especially older models. I was able to find a Toyota service dealership who has a technician with previous experience with TRD superchargers but they hinted that a significant repair of the supercharger might be out of his/hers expertise. In any case I do have an appointment but I'd like to know of other places if this falls through.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: 1st Gen TRD Supercharger Noise Issue

    yep .. it's bad .. as you might have expected/surmised ...
    there is no place in Canada that rebuilds these .. Cadman superchargers is where you need to send it .

    I would stop driving it , or remove it ASAP , as you are only doing more damage
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