When exactly does an off-road adventure start? Is it when you physically get behind the wheel? Maybe it’s once your tires hit the dirt. Or is it when the idea is born in the planning stages? For our most recent adventure with Toyota and the Expedition Overland crew, the Drive to the Summit trip started many months ago with an idea from the Toyota team to take its stock vehicles, round up a few journalists willing to rough it for a few days, and explore miles and miles of off-road terrain to and from FJ Summit in Colorado.

Fortunately for us, Toyota extended an invite to come along for this unique trip, and we jumped at the chance to go. Every off-road trip requires planning, preparation, and of course coordinating schedules to make sure a buddy is along for the ride. When it comes to long distance overlanding adventures, the planning takes on another level to ensure a successful trip (with successful meaning being ready for anything and everything and making sure everyone comes home safely).
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