2015 Toyota Tundra for epedition rig?

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    2015 Toyota Tundra for expedition rig?

    Hey guys,

    Thinking about building up a new Tundra as an expedition rig. I primarily want something that will take me out of the city and up FSRs to some more remote camp sites. Not looking to do any 'Jeep' trails or recreational 4x4ing, however I don't want to run into issues where the truck is too big to get where I want (primarily sea to sky - kelowna area). Problem is most of the similar builds I have seen are down south where they deal with more desert and rock, not trees and mountain passes.

    I like the Tundra for the fact that it has more than enough power to not get bogged down by weight of gear and people, and I'm fairly familiar with the half-ton size as I drive a '12 F150 for work anyways. Would likely get a SR5 TRD Crewmax, toss a cap with a rack on the back, give it full mid-travel fox/king suspension with 35's, and add armor as needed.

    The other alternative is the Tacoma. It is 6" narrower in width and has a 19" shorter wheelbase.. That being said it's only $5k cheaper than the Tundra (ideal configuration) and significantly more cramped inside. Turning radius is the same as the Tundra. The 2016 looks interesting however there are no hard numbers on the new 3.5L engine yet and cabin size hasn't changed.

    I think what I'm asking here, based on your expertise, is the Tundra too big for BC? I don't care much about pinstriping, however I don't want gouges and more importantly I don't want to find myself regularly backing out of a spot that a Tacoma would have made it through.

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