well sorry I haven't been keeping you guys updated but my tub worked out. full on 8'x8' tub on a trailer heated by a coil inside a double drum (w/chimney) stove with jets driven by the 2.5 hp gas pump that also was used to fill the tub (less then 5 min)
the gas pump worked well but I also had a electric circ pump that was a 110v of what mitch was using - but mine kept shutting off due to overheating which was a HUGE problem!

so the trip up to harrison east side I blew my pinion seal on my truck at km1.. great start.. filler back up and go slow.. seems to be ok. at the 4km mark I snapped the main leaf on the trailer...dam!.. 5 min later a industrial welder was on his way back from the logging camp with his service truck and really did me a solid by welding on leaf to the other... crawled the rest of the way in to the 22k mark where we set up camp. Did a bunch of on site plumbing as I had expected and had the fire going and circ by 3pm. by 8pm the tub was a toasty 106! so we dialed back the fire and got in when it got to 104.5F HOT STUFF! turned on the gas pump and started the jets and turned on the light inside (hooked up a 12v one!)

I try to take lots of pictures but you just get so busy with things sometimes it doesn't work out. I have some on my webshots page.


more of the build here.

the pic of the stove is with the coil on the outside.. did not work.. had to move it inside. as well as the top barrel is soon to have a lid and a grill so it can double as a smoker!! meat and beer and hot tubin! what's better?