22re VSV: vacuum switching valve?

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    22re VSV: vacuum switching valve?

    alright, when I got my 22re the little airfilter on the vsv was broken off...so I jb welded it back together.

    I tried to troubleshoot it for bad operation. if I blow into the port by the little filter it comes out the filter and the other port on the other side of the connector. if I give the connector power, I can hear alittle click but the same thing happens, air out both ends. when I give it power the air should go one way or the other right?
    I think I should replace it seeing as it controls the fuel pressure regulator.

    my question is with the regulator operational, the pressure should be like 27psi...with it inoperation the book says it should run at 37psi...

    is it bad if I ran without it? would I just have alittle bit worse fuel economy? or will high fuel pressure start busting out seals or mess up the air fuel ratio?
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    Re: 22re VSV: vacuum switching valve?

    worse economy, richer running.... no it wont burst seals or anything. it is designed to run at the higher pressure at WOT
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    Re: 22re VSV: vacuum switching valve?

    I've got a spare that you can have for free if you're ever out in Richmond on a weekday. I'll be away tomorrow until Sunday 28th but email me if you want it after that.

    adam22offroad at hotmail


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