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    Re: VHF, UHF, CB, FRS GMRS Definitions

    I picked up my ham licence (VA7TLS) and then splurged on a Baofeng UV-5RE. It's a vhf/uhf handheld that does 1W/4W and with a programming cable cost me less than $55. I found it on eBay but Amazon...
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    DriveSmartBC - Final Article

    I am occasionally asked about using the left foot for braking instead of the right foot. The usual justification given for this is that the brakes may be applied more quickly because the left foot is...
  3. Re: A question about drinking and driving in an RV.

    Here in BC, if it's moving its a motor vehicle and the driver may be ticketed if the passengers are drinking alcohol in the back.
  4. DriveSmartBC - Promoting the Designated Driver

    Why doesn't this site do more to promote the use of a designated driver? This single sentence was all that was sent to me in an e-mail from a visitor to my DriveSmartBC web site. With the Christmas...
  5. DriveSmartBC - 45 Deaths That Didn't Occur

    I'm no stranger to death by automobile. It was never a pleasure to investigate fatalities and for me there was no satisfaction in the successful prosecution of the impaired driver that caused them....
  6. DriveSmartBC - Snowmobile Licence and Registration

    Before you operate your snowmobile in British Columbia, it must the registered with ICBC. ICBC will issue an owner's certificate and two numbered owner's decals. The decals must be displayed on...
  7. DriveSmartBC - Yielding to Emergency Vehicles

    “Well, I thought that you were trying to catch that car ahead of me.” This is a common reply when drivers are stopped to explain why they didn’t pull over for the police vehicle trying to catch an...
  8. DriveSmartBC - The Approved Screening Device

    Much has been written recently about the Approved Screening Device being used by police to test drivers under the Immediate Roadside Prohibition program. Many are curious about how it works, and...
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    DriveSmartBC - Wildlife Collision Risks

    November is just around the corner and along with the month of May it shares the distinction of being the most likely month for you to run into wildlife on BC's roads, literally. 80% of wildlife...
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    DriveSmartBC - When in Doubt, Back Out

    Twice in the past week I've watched drivers who were stopped legally in the intersection signaling a left turn back out of the intersection when the traffic light that they were facing turned red....
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    DriveSmartBC - Ramp Metering

    Some time ago I wrote about watching streams of traffic trying to enter the freeways in and around Vancouver. Platoons of vehicles would move through the acceleration lanes bumper to bumper and...
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    DriveSmartBC - Parallel Parking Courtesy

    "I can't parallel park!" laments a reader. Although many of us have trouble with this aspect of driving, he didn't make this comment in the way you might think. "The other drivers won't stop to let...
  13. Re: DriveSmartBC - Do I Have to Produce My Driver's Licence?

    They still have to be licenced, they just don't have to produce it.
  14. DriveSmartBC - Just Because You Can See...

    Few people leave their homes without paying some attention to how they are dressed. When we use our clothing to say "Look at me!" are we really thinking about how we will appear to other road users...
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    DriveSmartBC - Wet Weather Driving

    Are you prepared to drive on wet roads after our dry summer? It's time to shift mental gears and be ready for another season of less than ideal driving conditions. Many drivers try to blame their...
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    DriveSmartBC - Work in Progress

    Hey, that machine is driving on the wrong side of the road! Can that utility truck park like that while they fix the overhead wires? These are just two of similar questions that the public often ask....
  17. Re: DriveSmartBC - Do I Have to Produce My Driver's Licence?

    You could keep it in the vehicle, but that is an enticement to thieves...

    You cannot legally possess two driver's licences. When you find the first one you must turn the duplicate in.
  18. DriveSmartBC - Do I Have to Produce My Driver's Licence?

    For most of us, there is no way around it. If we drive a motor vehicle on a highway we must carry our driver's licence with us at all times and produce it on the demand of a police officer. We must...
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    Re: laws for driving under the speed limit ?

    Maybe she needs to take a valium...

    Slow driving

    145 (1) A person must not drive a motor vehicle at so slow a speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except...
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    DriveSmartBC - The Good Samaritan

    Virtually every crash scene that I attended during my policing career featured at least one good samaritan. These were people who stopped to help another in a time of need, often at some risk to...
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    DriveSmartBC - A Safe Trip to School

    This article may be one of many that you read over the next week or so reminding you that our children will soon be on their way to school again. They will remind you that school zones will be in...
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    DriveSmartBC - Dealing with Boom Boxes

    A very annoying problem we hear on the local roads are the numerous Boom Boxes playing at all hours of day or night. I think our noise by-law should be enforced, as we have enough noise pollution as...
  23. DriveSmartBC - Passing & Turning for Bike Lanes

    Would you write an article on bike lanes? Please explain whether a bike in a bike lane can pass on the right of a car and the proper way for cars to turn right through a bike lane.

    A bike lane is...
  24. DriveSmartBC - No Laser, No Radar, is the Ticket Valid?

    I was issued a ticket for Speed Against a Municipal Sign for driving over 30km/hr in a playground zone. The officer had no laser and no radar; she flagged me over, saying "The speed limit here is...
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    DriveSmartBC - Speed from Yaw Marks

    When a vehicle is in yaw it is rotating around a vertical axis through it's center of mass. The long, curved Y shaped marks left by the tires on the pavement were characteristic of this motion. If...
  26. DriveSmartBC - Dangerous to be a Pedestrian

    Right or wrong, the pedestrian is always the loser in a collision with a motor vehicle. Nowhere in British Columbia is that more apparent than in Vancouver. So far this year, the pedestrian death...
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    Re: fuggin strobing motorcycle headlights...
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    DriveSmartBC - Do Collisions Affect You?

    I often ask if anyone has been directly affected by a collision in the past year when I am making a presentation to a group. I can see people thinking about it and then a few hands may tentatively...
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    DriveSmartBC - Funeral Processions

    This is a column on etiquette and consideration for others that has little to do with safety, and everything to do with respect. I was asked to write on the subject of funeral processions by the...
  30. DriveSmartBC - Passing on the Right Revisited

    I hope that an article about passing on the right might help at least some drivers understand the rules and help improve the driving community. I have made a point of keeping to the right side of the...
  31. DriveSmartBC - Employee Safe Driving Policy

    I was listening to the investigation of a driving complaint unfold the other day. A member of the public had complained about the way a business vehicle was being driven and the constable had asked...
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    DriveSmartBC - Wear Your Seatbelt Properly

    We all know that the law requires that we wear our seat belts when driving. The Motor Vehicle Act says in part "..wear the complete seat belt assembly in a properly adjusted and securely fastened...
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    Re: Marked fuel in an ATV or dirt bike?

    That is too general a response. If it needs plates on it to run legally where you are, you can't run coloured fuel. Now that we have set the stage, there are exemptions from the general rule that...
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    Re: how far out the back can you gov

    Tied in securely with a red flag (day) or red light (night) if the end of it is more than 1 m past the back bumper and you are good to go.
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    DriveSmartBC - Speed Kills, Or Does It?

    "Speed Kills!" is a popular road safety slogan that we hear often. It's pretty simplistic and when I look around me on the highway I am convinced that drivers either don't believe it or live in a...
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    DriveSmartBC - Turning Left is Complicated

    How much time do you have to look, decide and then execute a left turn in heavy traffic? Do you feel pushed by the drivers behind you into making that decision quickly? If you cannot "check your six"...
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    DriveSmartBC - Passing a Cyclist Safely

    Cyclists are entitled to their share of the highway, just as motor vehicle drivers are. When they are overtaken by a motor vehicle, it is the driver's responsibility to pass the cyclist safely. It is...
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    Re: Running over a fire hose

    Like that scene with the sports car parked in front of the hydrant in the movie Backdraft? I laughed out loud when I saw that one....
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    Re: Running over a fire hose

    Not only that, you are not supposed to drive or park within 150 meters of fire apparatus at a fire or fire alarm:
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    Re: DriveSmartBC - Special Trailer Tires

    As pumpkin says, as long as you are using qualified tires (for a trailer licensed under the MVA: C.S.A. Standard D 238.1, entitled "New Pneumatic Tires for Passenger Cars"; and is labelled in...
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    DriveSmartBC - Special Trailer Tires

    Most of the people on my RV forum have moved away from ST tires to LT tires. They claim these tires have a higher reserve load capacity, better construction and much lower failure rate. The failure...
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    DriveSmartBC - Post Crash Lamp Exams

    A tungsten lamp filament can tell a crash investigator a great deal post collision if you look carefully. Was it on or was it off? The outcome may mean that the headlights were on or that the signal...
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    Re: Tinted tail lights

    Simply put, this is the best answer.
  44. DriveSmartBC - Left Turn into the Wrong Lane

    I've noticed a new way to do left turns onto a busy four lane highway near my home. You stop at the stop sign on the side road, look both ways, then turn left, head on into the left turn lane on the...
  45. Re: Legal to go straight through a right turning lane?

    I always hate these discussions because there are cases where the left turn vehicle does have the right of way over other traffic. Most drivers don't know this.
  46. DriveSmartBC - Are Speed Reader Displays Effective?

    Dynamic speed display signs are popping up beside B.C.'s Highways. They display the speed of passing vehicles above a sign showing the posted speed limit. Are these signs useful in persuading drivers...
  47. Re: DriveSmartBC - Increasing Speed While Being Passed

    This is where it is hard to make a go of it in traffic court. There are many reasons, not all apparent to us, that would make "reduced speed necessary for safe operation." Just because they are going...
  48. Re: DriveSmartBC - Increasing Speed While Being Passed

    Perhaps it would be better to say "I've never known it to be enforced." I used to do it. However, as I've said elsewhere, I find that drivers tend to treat speed signs as minimum instead of maximum...
  49. Re: Legal to go straight through a right turning lane?

    The offence in the Motor Vehicle Act is called "disobey traffic control device." The arrow painted on the roadway commands traffic in that lane to turn right only.
  50. Thread: Spike strips

    by skidmark

    Re: Spike strips

    If it is city property, then yes, it would be reasonable to let the city know and they can choose how to deal with it. The last thing that needs to happen is for someone to walk over it. In fact, you...
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