Conversation Between Tmax and Badaboum

Conversation Between Tmax and Badaboum

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  1. Hey borrowed my gf cell phone for the day: 778-846-5503, my name is frank

    gimmi a call when u can

  2. Hey man just talked to you... I am on Employement insurance so im saving and no I dont have a phone... I am using skype for 30$ anually but I cannot receive phone call.
    If you can just tell me when to call you today or tomorow, ill call you back...

    I am in Coquitlam, and interrested by your burned engine (4.8Hp or close to it) are you in the great vancouver region?


    Francois Bousquet
  3. Hey ill call you again later, I guess you where busy... if you see a funky number calling you like 000-0000 its me... (skype..)
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